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Rachel tried her first buckwheat pillow 5 years ago after endless sleepless nights due to a neck injury sustained as a young teen. Her injury has caused a range of problems, one of them being sleep. After her first night’s rest with her new buckwheat pillow, she was hooked and has never gone back. She finally found the support she needed and was able to sleep through the entire night.

Rachel eventually tried her hand at making her own pillows and her partner now sleeps with one too, hooked like she was. She wanted to create more and share them with others.

Along with a restful sleep, Rachel found immense comfort in her mediation practice that has eased both physical and emotional pain, so she decided to create a brand that allowed others to experience the same. To be able to sleep better, relax more, practice deeper, and ease any physical pain in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Rustic Slumber & Co is designed for those who are looking for an alternate, more natural solution to sleep problems, are conscious of their environmental impact, and strive for a healthier lifestyle.


All things sleep related is so important to us. Most of us do not get enough sleep, let alone quality sleep. Being mindful of your sleep patterns and routine is crucial to bettering your health, and making time to relax your body and your mind is all part of the process!


All items you’ll find here have been individually handcrafted with Canadian grown and sourced materials. We use 100% organic buckwheat and cotton. Our impact on the environment is important to us which is why we also strive to be as close to plastic-free as we can, and use sustainable materials for packaging and marketing.