How to Clean your Buckwheat Pillow



The first step to keeping your buckwheat pillow clean is using a good pillow case. Prevention is always key. By using a proper pillow case over your new buckwheat pillow, you will ensure that bacteria, dust, and other dirty instigators won’t easily sneak in and you can keep your pillow fresher, for longer.


There will eventually come a time when you do need to clean your entire pillow. Don’t worry, this won’t be a common occurrence, but accidents and wear and tear do happen, and when they do, you’ll know exactly how to combat them. Firstly, and most importantly, never EVER wash your entire buckwheat pillow in the washing machine. Soaking buckwheat hull in water will ruin them, so you must always remove them first, before washing. Follow the easy steps bellow to get your buckwheat pillow back to it’s fresh, clean state.

STEP 1: Gather your materials. You will need a clean pillow case to hold the buckwheat hulls and a tie to keep them in pace.

STEP 2: Lay your buckwheat pillow flat, with the hulls on the opposite side of the zipper. Pull the clean pillow case over the zipper end, making sure the entire pillow is tucked inside.

STEP 3: Carefully unzip your pillow then pull the pillow case completely around your buckwheat pillow.

STEP 4: Start to pull the buckwheat pillow cover out of the pillowcase, allowing the hulls to fall out. Completely empty the hulls and turn the pillow cover inside out to help release any remaining hulls.

STEP 5: Tie up the pillow case holding all the hulls to prevent them from spilling out while you wash your cover.

STEP 6: The pillow cover can be machine washed, but because it is made from a cotton/hemp blend, make sure to take extra care. Wash the cover in cold water, never hot, on a delicate cycle and hang to dry. Never use any bleach products.

STEP 7: Once the pillow cover is clean and COMPLETELY dry, use the same steps as above to get the buckwheat hulls back in the pillow.

TIP: If you notice the buckwheat hulls have gotten damp, leave out on a large, clean sheet in the sun to dry out. This will help eliminate any odours and bacteria and give your pillow a new freshness for a good night’s sleep.

Rachel McCreesh