The Benefits of Buckwheat Pillows



Since each pillow contains thousands of small buckwheat hulls it makes them the perfect candidate for obtaining precise and exact individual support. The hulls are sturdy enough that they do not collapse under the weight of your head, but soft enough to mould perfectly to the unique shape of your head and neck. Unlike traditional feather or foam pillows, buckwheat hulls allow the weight to be evenly distributed, alleviating any stress on your muscles in your neck and back.


Buckwheat hulls do not conduct or reflect heat as much as other materials, allowing you to stay cool throughout the night. They keep your body temperature regulated so now you can have two cool sides of the pillow! The best, in our opinion.


Buckwheat is a natural, and renewable source, making them a great choice for your home. The hulls are a by-product of the buckwheat plant - the outer shell is derived from the seed that provides many different uses. Buckwheat also tends to have a much longer life span than other types of pillows, usually 5-7 more years of life. Though they can be a bit more costly up front, in the long run you will save more money, and the environment!

Rachel McCreesh