Getting the Most out of Your Buckwheat Pillow


Buckwheat pillows are very unique in nature and if you’ve never slept with one before you may be wondering exactly how to use one. We’ve outlined some tips and tricks to get the most out of your new pillow so you can have the best sleep yet!


Make sure there is the right amount of support for you. Each pillow comes with extra hulls so you have the option to add or remove as you like. Keep in mind that what you are trying to achieve with your buckwheat pillow is a position for your neck to be aligned so there is no strain. Lay your pillow flat on your bed and lay down on your back. You want your head and neck to be centred, not extended towards the ceiling (too many hulls) or bent towards the bed (not enough hulls), so add or remove accordingly.


If you don’t normally sleep on your back, you may want to try it with your new buckwheat pillow. We never used to be back sleepers, but once we made the switch to buckwheat, we found a lot more comfort and support, and prefer to sleep on our back now! Give it a try - you may enjoy it and find that you wake feeling more rested and less sore.

Here’s how: Lay your pillow flat and make a horizontal burrow in the centre where you will put your head. There should be a bit of a bump where you will lay your neck and the hulls should form around the shape of the base of your head to your neck. Lay your head down and adjust the hulls so they are wrapped around your head, leaving your neck centred and not bent in any direction. Make sure the hulls are only supporting your neck and that your shoulders are not on the pillow.


If you’re a side sleeper, the best practice is to put a supporting pillow between your knees and one that your can wrap your arms around to hug. This will help to keep your spin and hips aligned while you are on your side. Give it go with the extra support - it will change the side sleeping game for you forever!

Here’s how: As you lay your head down to one side, pulls the hulls away from your head and move them towards your neck. You want the hulls to be directly under your neck to form to the natural curvature. If you find that there is too much pressure on your ear or is hurting in anyway, just dig a small hole so that your ear can easily rest inside.

Try both positions with your new buckwheat pillow to find what works best for you. Happy slumber!

Rachel McCreesh